Friday, August 3

Arrived in London

I made it safely to london, because I'm now typing this message at the airrport.
The flight was confortable with a nice spacious seat and good entetainment. I was also able to have a good sleep.

Now I'll head fo my flight to Amsterdam! :-)

Wednesday, August 1

On holiday to The Netherlands

It sounds so weird, but my return to The Netherlands will probably feel like a holiday. In the 5 weeks I will stay there, I will need to arrange a lot of stuff for my migration to Hong Kong. Graduate, stop my company, finally fill in the tax forms, let all the organizations know I'll move and then have some time to say goodbye to my family and friends.

But in between I'm planning to go on a long trip trough The Netherlands. I want to travel to all the famous and traditional places and record them with my photo camera. This all on my moped. So in a few weeks I hope to amuse you with some real Dutch stuff! :-)

Now it's so near I'm so happy to go back home. I'm looking forward to see my family and friends. Got some nice souvenirs so now it's time to go home and pack my stuff. ;-)

See you soon!